The EDI Integrator provides a combination of integration services, tools, and metadata needed
to create, deliver, manage, and maintain EDI collaborations.  A collaboration is an intelligent
interaction between any two specific business processes, files, databases or partners.

It enables you to rapidly create, test, and deliver inbound and outbound EDI integration
processes, including “lights-out” synchronization with your enterprise applications
and data. Using a combination of automated tools, built-in EDI collaboration logic, and object
reuse, the product lets you implement processes that send and receive orders, invoices,
shipment notices, or use any other standard EDI message type faster and easier than with
competing integration products.

With the EDI Integrator, you can:

  • Automate “lights-out” integration between external partners and internal applications and

  • Install in minutes and produce custom EDI integration processes in hours, without coding

  • Integrate with external partners using X12 or EDIFACT EDI

  • Integrate directly or indirectly with ERP and other enterprise application systems

  • Process high volumes of EDI data in narrow time windows

  • Implement collaborations using mixed syntaxes (EDI, XML, flat file) and communications

  • Automate generation and reconciliation of functional acknowledgements

  • Send notifications about EDI processing status and exceptions

  • Activate EDI processes based on events, schedules, data flows, or application CALLs

  • Rapidly create or extend EDI collaborations by reusing existing integration components
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D&B Global Services expertise in EDI and B2B hosted managed services and software. B2Bi solutions extend to EDI, AS2, XML, Excel and VAN with complete data integration
for business collaboration.

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EDI Integrator
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