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D&B Global Services expertise in EDI and B2B hosted managed services and software. B2Bi solutions extend to EDI, AS2, XML, Excel and VAN with
complete data integration for business collaboration.

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Infoborders - business intelligence that improves your electronic business relationships.

Infoborders is a business intelligence application designed to improve trading partner electronic
relationships.  Infoborders monitors and sorts current and historical documents you already
exchange with your business partners, such as orders, invoices, shipping advices and applies
sophisticated business rules across multiple transactions to expose problems.  Users are
notified of existing or potential problems via email and through actionable online reports.

Business intelligence solutions provided by ERP vendors are expensive to implement and tend
to focus on the optimization of internal business processes without truly considering the unique
requirements of each customer or trading partner.  Infoborders is simple and quick to implement,
uses B2B transactions, including EDI, as the main data source and provides visibility into the
supply chain problems in real time.

Sample Solutions

Infoborders consist of several components working together to provide one complete solutions
for business intelligence.  Here are some of the business problems that could be addressed with

  • Scorecarding: Infoborders empowers businesses to track their performance across
    business processes and across various retail partners, resulting in improved performance
    through internal corrective procedures.

  • Chargeback Avoidance: Infoborders empowers businesses to discover and fix electronic
    transaction errors before they accumulate into costly chargebacks. By monitoring each
    transaction, Infoborders also provides clear visibility into the root causes of data error by
    employing easy access reporting and audit trails.

  • Compliance Testing Service: Infoborders empowers businesses to view the changes in
    various retailers' compliance guides online, as vendors will receive email updates and
    tasks to test transactions before they go into production.

  • Contract Negotiation: During contract negotiations, major customers will use B2B process
    compliance to negotiate product pricing and payment terms.  By analyzing electronic data
    exchanged with customer, rather than looking at information in the backend system,
    Infoborders will show you your compliance performance the way the customer sees it.  No
    other enterprise solution can provide the same depth of B2B visibility.

  • Shipment Tracking: Visibility into inbound or outbound shipments can be critical to satisfy
    customer needs or optimize internal processes.  Yet the number of carriers and internal
    system limitations often reduce the ability for trcking shipments right in the backend system.
    Infoborders can be configured to provide one stop order status    details that will include
    carrier status details and can provides customers with an online self-serve dashboard.  This
    can be accomplished with no modification to the backend system.

  • Custom Solutions: By tapping into the information already available, Infoborders can help
    build custom solutions to meet specific business needs.

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