The Business Integrator is platform-independent business integration middleware, with seamless
support for “lights-out” business-to-business (B2B), Software as a Service (SaaS), internal
application (A2A) and data integration.

Business Integraqtor solutions are designed to replace – and bridge the gaps between –
conventional EDI translators, data integration tools, business process automation tools, web
services toolkits, XML transformation toolkits and spreadsheet integrators.

This solution targets most business integration requirements, including:

  • B2B Integration: Automated processing and integration with trading partners, based on X12
    or EDIFACT EDI, standard or non-standard XML, flat files, or spreadsheets, with business
    applications and data

  • SaaS Integration: Integration of internal applications and data with hosted applications
          “in the cloud”

  • Service-Oriented Integration: Creation and consumption of standard web services and
          REST (Representational State Transfer) services, for internal or external integration

  • Application Integration: Automation of business and application processes, through non-
    invasive integration of application inputs, outputs, and events

  • Data Integration: Extraction transformation, and delivery / syndication of business data in
    support of business intelligence applications, trading partner processes, application
    migration, and other data-centric activities

You can use the Business Integrator to implement simple, point-to-point solutions that automate
parts of larger business processes, or to implement longer, more complex business processes

that connect applications, trading partner connections, services, and business data resources.

The Business Integrator includes a powerful and flexible set of business integration services,
including process automation, data transformation, messaging and communications, event
management, scheduling, and adapter-based connections to internal and external sources and

In addition, the product has capabilities for process monitoring, auditing, and governance tools. It
integrates seamlessly with your existing applications and business processes, through business
events, schedules, application actions, or explicit process invocations.
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D&B Global Services expertise in EDI and B2B hosted managed services and software. B2Bi solutions extend to EDI, AS2, XML, Excel and VAN with
complete data integration for business collaboration.

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