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expertise in EDI and B2B hosted managed services and software. B2Bi solutions extend to EDI, AS2, XML, Excel and VAN with
complete data integration for business collaboration. EDI EDI B2B Hosted Managed Services XML Excel Data Integration
Business goals and objectives, revenue targets, customer relationships, supplier integration, managing errors and avoiding fines and
penalties are just a few of the issues surrounding a B2B initiative.  Does your technology limit what you can and cannot accomplish?  Or,
does your business plan establish the objectives for using technology and deploying IT resources?

Too many companies paint themselves into a corner by adopting B2B technology to “put out one fire” or address one, urgent issue or
demand.  They soon encounter yet another requirement, changes in compliance plans, and unending updates of standards and protocols.

Why you should talk to DBGS:

DBGS is one of only a few organizations with the expertise, access and technology to ...
DB Global Services | DBGS is one of only a few organizations with the expertise
and technology to both orchestrate your B2B initiative for the lowest possible
operating cost and achieve your business objectives for B2B technology.
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